iHit Tech Wowed the TPE24 Expo as Top1 Choice for Intense Flavor and Silky Vapor




On January 31st, SMISS, a leading global manufacturer of electronic atomization technology solutions, unveiled its innovative vaporization technology platform, iHit Tech, along with two flagship atomization tech products, iHit Solo and iHit Dual, at the TPE exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. The iHit coil combines a ceramic atomization base with Mesh-plex heating film, representing an integrated innovation that combines the best of both atomization technologies.

At the TPE exhibition in the USA, iHit Dual created many "WOW" moments, leaving many users amazed by its comprehensive atomization performance.

iHit Tech Wowed the TPE24 Expo as Top1 Choice for Intense Flavor and Silky Vapor

iHit Dual is dedicated to researching the flavor atomization technology requirements of disposables with high capacity, delivering a revolutionary new vaping experience and offering the Top1 choice for strong flavor and super silky vapor. The iHit dual-coil technology not only achieves high-performance vapor production but also delivers rich vapor, refreshing aroma, and a sweetness of flavor comparable to cotton coils. With stable performance and long lifespan, many clients were astonished by the comprehensive performance of the iHit atomization coil, which clearly outperforms other atomization coils available in the market. Its flavor reproduction rivals that of mesh cotton coils, and its performance stability surpasses that of ceramic coils on the market, promoting the advancement of industry harm reduction standards. Committed to innovative atomization technology, iHit Tech aims to simultaneously deliver excellent flavor and greater health to users with every puff, which is also the origin of the iHit brand's slogan: "Hit every puff."

The showcased single-coil technology product, iHit Solo, embodies top-tier atomized performance and is perfectly compatible with disposables with a capacity of less than 10ml. With a high-energy power of 11W, it delivers a strong and delicate vaping experience with a refreshing, fragrant, and sweet flavor with no loss of flavor within 6000 puffs, representing a powerful redefinition of atomization technology. It simultaneously offers global users an uncompromising choice that combines authentic flavor and greater healthcare, driving the entire industry into a new era of innovative atomization technology application and iteration.

Each iHit coil, measuring only 9*4*2.5mm, enables all iHit Tech products to support large-capacity transparent e-liquid tanks of 10-15ml, highlighting the technical breakthroughs in achieving e-liquid conducting atomization ratio, 100% visibility of e-liquid, and modular component design. This truly makes "Safety can be seen." iHit Tech strives to provide users worldwide with an unparalleled choice that combines authentic flavor and healthcare and will collaborate with brands worldwide with different product technology needs to meet users' advanced flavor preferences.