SMISS Launched Its Electronic Vapor Gadgets Technology Platform TempSure™




SMISS launched its electronic vapor gadgets technology platform TempSure™, the world's 1st cannabis vape hardware featuring intelligent duplex communication.

SMISS Launched Its Electronic Vapor Gadgets Technology Platform TempSure™

As one of the largest exhibitions in the global cannabis industry, the MJBizCon 2023 CBD/THC/Cannabis Expo opened in Las Vegas as scheduled. On November 29th local time, SMISS officially launched the World's 1st Cannabis Vape Hardware Featuring Intelligent Duplex Communication, TempSure™ at the event. The platform utilizes advanced technology to provide users with the best intelligent vaporization experience. The name TempSure™ implies precise vaporization temperature control, offering users the perfect CBD vaporization experience.

Tempsure™ has developed an intelligent MCU control chip and a proprietary PID dynamic compensation technology solution. By accurately monitoring the heating state of CeramicMesh™ coil vaporization (oil conductivity, oil temperature, and smoke signal), it dynamically adjusts the optimal power energy output to achieve accurate heating temperature control for scientific vaporization. This enables users to experience the ultimate vaping taste and deliver a perfect smoke sensation.

The TempSure™ technology solution offers eight breakthrough experiences:

  1. The World's 1st Intelligent Duplex Communication Technology, Designed for CBD, THC, and Alternative Cannabinoids.

  2. Covering a wide heating temperature, and temperature control with 10 levels of adjustment.

  3. Reduce the production of harmful substances such as Aldehydes, the best eco-friendly and harm-reducing health choice.

  4. CeramicMesh™ heating coil, ultra heating efficiency, and stable performance.

  5. 25w instant vapor production, get relief in 0.005s.

  6. PID dynamic compensation algorithm, TPM increased 67%, consistent flavor, consistent vapor production.

  7. Anti-Burn Protection Technology, No Worrying About Burnt Taste.

  8. Adjustable power-pinpoint the power needed for different oil types.

The TempSure™ vaporization technology solution has three core leading advantages: Fast smoke generation, No smoke attenuation, Anti-burn protection. At the same time, accurate temperature control is also crucial for reducing the harmful ingredients such as the low molecular organic compounds. TempSure™ achieves this by scientifically and accurately controlling the vaporization temperature, significantly reducing the emission of harmful aldehydes and ketones compared to others. This makes TempSure™ a safer and healthier choice for all cannabis vapers.

At the Expo, SMISS also released four products by using TempSure platform technology, they are pink CLOUD POUCH, blue BOOST, green MELLOW and CRYSTAL CUBE. They all have visible oil reservoirs and real-time power consumption digital screen.

TempSure™ vaporization technology solution features three benefits that sets apart from the competition: instant and powerful vapor production, superior consistent taste, and anti-burn+ product shortage protection. Leap into a new era of cannabis vaping with TempSure™.


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