SMISS's focusing on electronic atomization equipment manufacturing services




In the first half of 2021, the popularity of the e-cigarette market is still fermenting.

On March 22, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 'Decision on Amending the Regulations on the Implementation of the Tobacco Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft for Comment)', proposing that electronic cigarettes and other new tobacco products should be implemented concerning the relevant regulations on cigarettes in these regulations. As soon as the news of the regulation hammering electronic cigarettes came out, it caused a great shock in the industry. The electronic cigarette industry is about to usher in the strongest supervision and end the era of barbaric growth.

The e-cigarette market under brutal growth

China's electronic cigarettes are all over the world, and Shenzhen, the 'global fog valley', has become the core. Located in Shajing, Baoan District, and its surrounding Songgang and Fuyong, dozens of e-cigarette factories have gathered in the streets in just a dozen kilometers. This is an important OEM base for global electronic cigarette products. It has a complete set of highly mature industrial systems and a complete set of OEM supply chains. 95% of the world's electronic cigarettes are delivered on the assembly line, which is a microcosm of the savage growth and development of electronic cigarettes.

However, under the savage growth of the e-cigarette market, the level of foundries is uneven, and some of them do not even have the corresponding qualifications. A large number of products have serious quality and safety hazards such as unsafe ingredients, leakage of e-liquid, and inferior batteries. Nowadays, electronic cigarettes are ushered in the strongest supervision. This revision of the 'Implementation Regulations' intends to include electronic cigarettes in the control of tobacco. The electronic cigarette industry will inevitably face a major reshuffle. Higher taxes have greatly raised the entry threshold. Most e-cigarette manufacturers will be eliminated. And what are the leading e-cigarette factories relying on to maintain their competitive advantage?

Today, let us walk into the 'Global Fog Valley', one of the earliest electronic cigarette manufacturers and the world's top electronic cigarette OEM manufacturer, SMISS located in Songgang.

Create 'Foxconn' in the electronic cigarette industry

As the world's first-generation factory, Foxconn was once synonymous with efficiency and quality in the foundry industry. From the perspective of the industry, SMISS is the invisible king of the electronic cigarette OEM industry, focusing on the research and application of electronic atomization technology, and silently taking root in electronic cigarette OEM. Like Foxconn, SMISS's positioning is very clear. It is the only e-cigarette brand in the industry that insists on not being it's own. Instead, it only focuses on providing high-quality products for the brand with its strong technical strength and does not compete with customers. From its corporate mission of 'using technology to create value for customers, so that they can always maintain a competitive advantage in the industry', we can feel SMISS's firm belief in serving e-cigarette brands.

Different from traditional foundries, electronic cigarette foundries have a high status in the industry. Large factories like SMISS master the core technology of electronic cigarettes and have production lines with guaranteed production capacity, providing industry for many brands in the market. One-stop OEM/ODM solution.

As the world's leading electronic atomization equipment manufacturing service provider and the top supply chain in the industry, SMISS was established in 2012 when the electronic cigarette industry was in its infancy. In the past ten years, SMISS has focused on electronic cigarette OEM/ODM services, and its business covers electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), CBD/THC atomization equipment and dry burning equipment, low-temperature non-combustion hardware (HNB Device), inhalation medical atomization Equipment (IMV) and electronic cigarette juice and other fields.

In the past 10 years, the staff of SMISS has exceeded 1 person. At present, Guangming Base, Songgang Base, and the soon-to-complete Dongfang Base with a total area of more than 170,000 square meters have been formed. More than 280 production lines are configured, and a manufacturing base that integrates ultra-FDA standardized workshops, intelligent storage systems, automated production lines, and full-process traceable quality control has been established. The production capacity of the three major bases is amazing. The monthly production capacity of atomizers, battery rods, and disposable electronic cigarettes reaches 100 million, 50 million, and 70 million pcs respectively.


Rigorous quality creates excellent products

The production workshops of SMISS are all 100,000-level dust-free workshops that meet FDA standards. Before entering the workshop, there is a set of strict cleaning procedures and dress requirements. Wear dust-proof shoes, dust-proof clothing, clean and dry hands, and wear masks and gloves. After the above preparations are done, it is necessary to perform a full-body dust removal before entering. According to the person in charge of the manufacturing center, since e-cigarette oil is also an 'imported' product, the SMISS production workshops are all by the GMP for pharmaceutical production, and even many standards have far exceeded many pharmaceutical companies, to ensure that every An electronic cigarette is clean and safe, allowing users to enjoy the fragrance of every mouthful.

SMISS not only has strict requirements on the production environment but also undergoes strict checks by IQC, FQC, IPQC, QA, SQE, QE, and other quality inspection positions before the products are officially released. To ensure that the products entering the market are 100% qualified.

In 2020, the newly upgraded CNAS laboratory of SMISS was put into use. Passing CNAS certification shows that SMISS laboratory has the technical ability to carry out testing and calibration services according to the corresponding accreditation criteria, and also means that products that pass this laboratory standard can participate in international conformity assessment and accreditation. For customers who cooperate with SMISS, This will undoubtedly greatly enhance the market competitiveness of its brand and make it easier to gain recognition from all walks of life.


R&D and technology create the core of longevity

SMISS focuses on providing professional ODM/OEM services for global e-cigarette brands and is also committed to providing global smokers with a healthier and safer way to smoke. Since 2012, Guangming Base and Songgang Base have been established successively. Guangming Base mainly focuses on ODM product development. The Songgang base, as a basic technology research institute, mainly focuses on material science, atomization technology, and electronic control technology, and develops products for major customers. Relying on basic theory and electronic and structural innovation, it independently develops products with core competitiveness to meet customer needs. and market demand.

The secret of SMISS's rapid growth lies in its continuous high R&D investment over the years. It is understood that the annual R&D investment of SMISS accounts for more than 10% of the total revenue.


The number of R&D personnel is where a company's innovation potential lies. The data shows that the SMISS R&D team has 100+ R&D elites, has obtained 430+ proprietary patents in terms of technology and products, and develops more than 100 products annually on average. Among them, there are 87 invention patents, covering the fields of combustion technology, dry burning and bomb changing structure, cotton core, atomizing core, and so on. Continuous and stable high R&D investment ensures that SMISS's competitive advantages in environmental optimization, equipment introduction, digital construction, quality standard management, and other links can be consolidated and continuously expanded to achieve modern factory standards.

Smart Factory Realizes Precise Capacity Control

As the biggest theme of Industry 4.0, smart factories can be said to run through the entire process of industrial upgrading. With the continuous advancement of the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, under the requirements of hard indicators such as cost reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency enhancement, SMISS continues to develop the layout of related technologies and intelligent manufacturing capabilities in the field of electronic cigarettes. Its smart factory is a comprehensive modern factory integrating smart manufacturing, smart inspection, smart warehousing, and smart logistics. It is equipped with automated production workshops, smart warehousing systems, modern integrated office systems, etc., to provide partners with better quality based on modern production standards. OEM/ODM solutions.


For SMISS, the smart factory is a long-term strategy, and operating factories with emerging technologies is part of building a flexible and sustainable global supply chain. The smart factory blueprint outlined by SMISS will build a technology research institute, authoritative laboratory, enterprise business school, and smart factory that will move towards the world's forefront, and comprehensively enhance core competitiveness.

Use technology to create value for customers and keep them competitive in the industry

For the future layout of the industry, SMISS is not only deeply engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge technology of atomization in the industry, but also focuses on providing solutions for atomization equipment. SMISS is also actively deploying the capital market, aiming to build a high-standard and high-level electronic cigarette manufacturing base in the industry and become a comprehensive The top two global TOP-level atomization equipment manufacturing service enterprises.

In the focus, as a continuous struggler of electronic cigarettes for ten years, SMISS's ten-year vaping road is full of enthusiasm and challenges, but the SMISS team has been constantly trying and self-innovating until it gradually matures and grows. After ten years of hard work and accumulation, we have also seen that SMISS is seizing market and policy opportunities, actively responding to risks and challenges, and continuously investing in high R&D to achieve high-quality development and build the core competitiveness. To better empower partners, use technology to create value for customers and keep them competitive in the industry.

Therefore, SMISS has a grand vision of leading the global intelligent manufacturing of atomization and accelerating the transformation of the world to a healthy life, and the future can be expected.